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"You are what you give; not what you are given." - Sir David Tang


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"Lawrence Pierce-Durance has been a most valuable fundraising resource for me on two occasions.

The first experience was when I was President of the Vail Religious Foundation and we were remodeling the Vail Interfaith Chapel and building a much needed office/education addition. For over a year we attempted to raise the funds ourselves through mass maililngs, dinners, auctions and community appeals. We were 'raising friends' but we were also falling far short of our goals. Not knowing what to do, we turned to Lawrence who had impressive credentials in philanthropy. In our first interview he presented a strategy that would identify and cultivate major donors for our project.

Lawrence had found in his considerable experience that about 90% of gifts come from a few major contributors. We decided to adopt all of his recommendations. Lawrence coached us in approaching these donors and was personally involved whenever he was needed. He also assisted us in preparing the campaign materials that were required to present the project in the very best light. In the end we raised all of the funds needed and construction was completed."

-Rev. Carl D. Walker
President of the Vail Religious Foundation


"Lawrence's workshop was great! He has a deep understanding of comprehensive fundraising - the tools and techniques as well as the roles and responsibilities of staff and board members in this process. The workshop was interactive and people were engaged. Plus his presentation style is lively, fun, and refreshing. We learned a lot!"

-Anne Wenzel
President and Executive Director
Western Colorado Community Foundation


"Lawrence brings to his clients a great blend of experience and expertise. He avoids a one-size-fits-all approach to development. At the same time, he insisted that we prioritize and give our energy to those activities that would result in a successful campaign. A real strength is his determination to engage the board and ability to make it happen. Obviously, we were very pleased with his work."

-Ron Muetzel
Vice President Donor Relations
Time of Grace Ministry


"Lawrence saved the day! We had been planning our board retreat for six months and the day before it was to take place, our facilitator canceled due to a family emergency. Even though he had just landed in Denver (from Atlanta), Lawrence went home, re-packed and flew out very early the next morning to California. Then, with virtually no real time for preparation, Lawrence was able to take our agenda and, over the next two days, facilitated a top notch board retreat that exceeded all our expectations. He was able to inspire and motivate our board, while also instructing them on 'best board practices'. Lawrence has not only the background and experience, but also presence and delivery style that really resonated with our board. He is the consummate professional!"

-Dan Stetson
President & CEO
Ocean Institute


"Lawrence led our Retreat last year and we brought him back for more this year. Our focus this year was the planning of a major Capital Campaign, potentially the biggest a non-profit has ever conducted in our area. Building on last year's work, the two days of workshops gave us the tools to start down the road to a campaign target about five times larger than we've ever done before.

Lawrence 'reads' a group well and made adjustments as we went along, seeming to sense when it would be worth going into more detail on a topic. Those moments turned into some of the most thought-provoking of the weekend. He didn't lecture and managed to impart a lot of information while getting active participation from all of us. His knowledge and the style, humour and sensitivity with which he conducted the workshops were an excellent 'fit' for us and the 'mind-shift' we needed to make as we start on a campaign in a different league."

-Bruce Biesman-Simons
Board President
Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy


"Excellent tools for implementation. Good exercises for reflecting and planning to use what has been learned. I have attended a number of fund development trainings. I am very impressed with this class and the resources provided. It has given me more information than any class I have attended before."

-Deborah Silverman
Executive Director
Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity in Virginia




PD Solutions, Inc.
PO Box 2704
Edwards, CO 81632

Phone (970) 390-8249
Skype: lpdcolorado

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